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  I’d like to take this time and appreciate all of my bestfriends. The old and the present
Without you guys, there is no telling where I would be. Each and everyone of you have improved and changed my life in individual ways and I can only hope to do the same for you someday if I already haven’t.
You’ve been there when I’m down to bring me back up. To make me laugh. To make me smile. To make me how I used to be. You’ve inspired me to do things I wouldn’t normally do, like tryout for cheer or even read in front of the class. I love each and everyone of you even though most of you won’t see this.
To the bestfriend I used to have: I hope your life is amazing and you have stopped harming yourself. I’m sorry our friendship ended the way it did but that’s jsut the way it it. I’m still here for you.
To the bestfriend who I’ve always had: You’re horrible at giving advice but I’m totally okay with that <3 sometimes its better to ignore the problems and think about other things for a while
To my bestfriend since junior high: You have an amazing smile and i love your advice and how i can talk to you about anything and youre blunt and beautiful and asdfghjk
To the bestfriend who I didnt think I would be friends with: I am SO glad I went against my own judgment and became friends with you. You’re amazing and have helped me grow into a better person
To the bestfriend who’s a total slag (; : Thank you for teaching me its okay to stand up for what i believe in and that its okay to not feel beautiful all the time and that ima a cool kid at heart and stuff
To the bestfriend who I gained last summer: hahaha omg i dont even know what to say. I tell you EVERYTHING somethings, you probably dont even care about but thanks for pretending to  and thanks for making me happy and laugh and smile and omg i dont even know how to write everything down. and and and thanks for showing me tumblr <$

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